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SPARKY company – Professionalism and Excellence

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, their own 40 acre European manufacturing plant and a committed and highly qualified workforce, SPARKY continue to produce the high quality and design of Power Tools that has established SPARKY as a brand leader amongst the world’s top selling power tool brands. The SPARKY GROUP has a clearly focused strategy of generating profitable growth through reinvestment in order to maintain the technical excellence of their innovative and reliable products. This long term budgeted plan has resulted in a steady growth of the 200 Power Tools and Accessories, that now make up the SPARKY Professional range of products. Today more than 2.000 people work in the SPARKY GROUP.

Production – Precision and Quality

SPARKY’s vast European production facility and modern automatic production lines, (guaranteeing fast flexible production with 100% quality control) benefits from using major components, motors, gears and housings that are manufactured in house. This unique system of start to finish manufacturing, from raw material to finished tools, guarantees quality from the very start of the manufacturing process. Continued high levels of investment, in research, development and modernisation of manufacturing plant and all its processes have allowed SPARKY to concentrate on the quality of products that are designed, manufactured and assembled in their own factory. The SPARKY principal of controlled in house manufacturing guarantees that only the highest quality of tools are delivered to their customers.

Power Tools – Reliability and Performance

The current SPARKY range of more than 200 Power Tools and accessories are designed for the most demanding jobs in adverse environments in the construction and engineering industries. Ongoing testing and continued improvement in the design (assisted by the use of SPARKY’s own rapid prototype facility) and in house manufacturing processes guarantee, that SPARKY products continue to perform to the highest standards required by the professional tradesmen that choose them.


For more than 60 years our SOLA brand marks perfect precision measuring tools. As experts on measuring and marking we manufacture a wide range of products supporting craftsmen on construction sites. It is our approach to develop and continuously optimize our products as close as possible to our customers’ requirements.

Characterized by consistent simplicity, efficiency and precision SOLA innovations are setting the standard in many applications from civil engineering to interior construction. As the Austrian market leader in premium spirit levels we provide a versatile product range, including rules, screeding levels, long and short tapes, squares, marking products, laser distance meters and a customized laser programme.

The SOLA brand is globally present in 70 countries. In Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and in the USA we maintain subsidiaries, in 29 other countries we are represented by strong sales partners. The high quality standards that SOLA has imposed on themselves are constantly monitored in our own laboratories and test facilities.


Skydda forms part of the B&B Tools group, which provides the industrial and building sectors in Northern Europe with tools, consumables and components. Skydda is one of the leading suppliers of solutions and equipment for personal protection in Northern Europe. Our mission is to make our customers' everyday lives EASIER, SAFER and more PROFITABLE by developing and selling the right solutions in personal protective equipment. Skydda is available at your local industrial and building store.

The history of Skydda dates back to 1976, when it formed part of Järnia AB. The concept was developed over time and today is the leading concept within personal protective equipment in the Nordic countries. In 1997, Skydda was established as an independent company, and since then, has increased its turnover from MSEK 280 to today's MSEK 1,200. The Skydda concept is currently represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Estonia. Parts of the product range are sold in approximately 20 more countries.


PROXXON is based in Germany and was founded there on December 1st, 1977 in Niersbach, a small town in the South-West, just 20 miles from Germany's oldest city, Trier.

The company's objective was to produce power tools for multiple hobby-applications, as well as various professional tasks, giving the users high-performance power-tools in a size that had never been offered before.

Today the PROXXON line features useful units from rotary tools, detail-, belt- and angle-sanders, engravers, bench drill machines, circular or scroll saws to a complete lathe- and milling system.


Company PRO Sp. z o.o. from Bielsko - Biała, the biggest producer of measuring tools for building industry in Poland, has been on the market for 25 years. As a leading manufacturer of spirit levels, PRO constantly enriches and diversifies its offer, using cutting-edge technologies and patented solutions. “Your needs - our solutions” - one sentence that drives our company.

Currently PRO offers wide range of tools essential for construction industry professionals, from folding rules to technologically advanced laser tools. Company takes care of design all the time. Our efforts resulted in receiving Design Management Europe Award in 2014 and two iF design awards in 2016 for: X-LINER 4.1 (multi-line laser) and MILESTONE (3m, 5m, 8m tape measure series).

PRO has been using an Integrated Management System – PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001, PN-N-18001 since 2003. All PRO spirit levels are tested for vertical and horizontal profile bending , compression and torsion. Vials with Easy Reading System Plus are double UV- resistant (plexiglass and filling liquid contain UV Light Stabilizers). Line lasers are built on the best components. IP-54 and shock-proof features are available. These research and development studies enable to offer products of the highest quality only. The use of the best components for manufacturing of protractors and modern digital techniques of their calibration guarantee premium quality of products by PRO and long-term faultless operation. Permanent, red color of the bubble level, typical of PRO, is obtained in the process of powder painting and thermal fixation by means of infrared radiation. A coating obtained in this way is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damages.

The offer of PRO includes also bubble levels manufactured on the basis of an anodized profile, characterized by high hardness of surface.

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