After 1945 activities had ceased, workers, whose instincts brought them to the barren and demolished factory halls, started to turn up for work. In the north-eastern part of the town, known as “Dąbrowa”, there had survived a relatively undamaged craftwork tools factory which during the war had operated under the name „Ołdakowski & Neumark”. The country under reconstruction needed tools – the simplest ones, like axes, hammers, or crowbars. The factory’s warehouse still sheltered stocks of raw materials, so the government authority resolved to launch production. Initially, the plant operated under the name ”Fabryka Maszyn i Narzędzi Ołdakowski i Neumark pod zarządem państwowym” (Machinery and Tools Factory Ołdakowski & Neumark under state management”).

In 1946 the range of products was enriched to incorporate drills, chisels, blades for shaving cutters, and similar woodworking tools. Shortly, the range of products was further expanded to include: spokeshaves, joiner’s clamps, crank braces, scrapers, and hacksaw frames. On 16 April, 1948, under the Ministers Council’s Ordinance and the Minister of Industry and Trade’s Ordinance, the plant became a self-contained state enterprise under the name „Pabianicka Fabryka Narzędzi” (the “Pabianice Tools Factory”). The woodworking and fitting tools manufactured by Pafana enjoyed good reputation among their users and were continuously manufactured.

Presently, the company applies modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly technologies, ensuring product competitiveness against the best tool companies in the world. PFN PAFANA S.A. holds and maintains: Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009.