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Machine Park


Vertical Machining Centre MORI SEIKI DV 5100

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Working area X/Y/Z 1050/530/510 mm
Table size 600x1350 mm
Tool shank BT40
Spindle revolutions 10 000 rev/min
Tools storage 30 pcs
Tool change time 1.3 s
Spindle motor power 15 kW
Dimensions 2,74 x 2,32 x 2,67 m
Control MSC - 504
Maximum table load 1000 kg



eagle 03


Turning range Maximum turning diameter 280 mm
Maximum turning legth 508 mm
Lathe bed Maximum longitudinal shift (Z axis) 520 mm
Engine power of Z axis 1,4 kW (1,8 HP)
Quick feed of Z axis speed 30 m/min
Maximum feed of X axis 176 mm
Engine power of X axis 1,4 kW (1,8 HP)
Quick feed of X axis speed 30 m/min
Spindle Opening of the main spindle / Band ?62 mm / ?52 mm
Spindle taper ASA A2-6
Internal taper angle (convergence) 1/20
Spindle motor FANUC 7,5/11 kW (10/15 HP)
Spindle revolutions 4500 obr/min
Tool storage Type Hydraulically clamped
Maximum number of tools  10
Boring tools diameter / Number of sockets ?32 mm / 5
Turning toolholders size / Number of sockets 20 mm x 20 mm / 5
Support tailstock Sleeve diameter ?75
Tailstock sleeve shift 425 mm
Tailstock sleeve, type Fixed
Tailstock sleeve taper MK4
Tailstock sleeve shift 100 mm
Dimensions Dimensions from bed's base to spindle axis 900 mm
Distanse between the bed and spindle axis 290 mm
Occupied space (L x H) 3429 mm x 2569 mm
Net weight / Total gross weight 3200 kg / 3400 kg


Prasa krawędziowa AMADA APX 50.20Prasa krawędziowa AMADA APX 50.20Prasa krawędziowa AMADA APX 50.20


Nominal force 500 kN
Maximum bending length 2085 mm
Maximum working thickness 3VE25 mm
Table length 2000 mm
Table width 60 mm
Table height 940 mm
Opening height 370 mm
Pitch 100 mm
Reach 400 mm
Distance between plates 1520 mm
Power 4,5 kW
Maximum traverse speed 0,0731 m/s
Maximum working speed 0,0092 m/s
Maximum return speed 0,080 m/s
Control CNC
Bending radius depending on the needs

We offer:

  • quick valuation of details
  • cheap transportation
  • competitive prices

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Bystronic Byspeed 3015

Bystronic byspeed 3015

We offer cutting of sheet metal:

  • Cutting accuracy depending on the thickness and length (0,01 - 0,1mm)
  • Maximum size of the sheet 1500 x 3000 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness for structural steel up to 25 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness for stainless and acid-resistant steel up to 25 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness for aluminium up to 15 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness for brass up to 3 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness for titanium up to 3 mm
  • Sheet metal thickness for copper up to do 3 mm
  • Laser marking and engraving


Positioning deviation ?0,1 mm ?0,004 in
Positioning dispersion ?0,05 mm ?0,002 in
Simultaneous positioning speed of X/Y axes 169 m/min 554,40 ft/min
Maximum axial acceleration 30 m/s2 98,40 ft/s2
Maximum radial acceleration 10 m/s2 32,80 ft/s2
Maximum cutting speed 50 m/min 164 ft/min
Maximum laser power 6000 W 6000 W

Laser cutting ensures:

  • Achieving high-quality egdes
  • Optimal distrubution system of the elements on sheet metal, which results in material economy and lowers production costs
  • Repeatability of the elements, both simple and complex, while retaining accuracy
  • Figures in dwg, dxf formats

We provide:

  • fast valuation of details
  • cheap transport
  • competitive prices

We invite you to cooperation!



nessap plazma 02

Properties and application:

  • Working area 1600 x 3200
  • Max cutting thickness with gas burner: 100 mm
  • Max cutting thickness with plasma torch: 20 mm
  • Double-sided drive and conducting of the portal
  • Pull-out ash boxes
  • Anti-collision torch system
  • Parking space for the portal during sheet loading
  • Portal for gas burner and plasma
  • Plasma torch with cable
  • Automatic measurement of plasma torch height
  • Automatic plasma ignition
  • Automati gas burner ignition

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