Less is more: we concentrate on one single product group and in this way we achieve appreciable benefits in quality and performance. That is why Knipex is the world's leading brand in pliers today. People in more than 100 countries work with Knipex pliers – and this figure is on the increase.

The performance, service life and ergonomics of our tools are guided by the need to meet the high expectations of professional users. That is why we use particularly high-quality materials and modern production technology. The range of around 1,000 articles offers the optimum selection for the respective purpose - for modern applications too, such as in solar technology, wind energy and aviation.

We produce exclusively in Germany - with ecological and social sustainability. The entire value-adding work is done by our employees in our Wuppertal factory - from forging the plier blanks to packaging. We secure our technical advance by developing and building a lot of our machines and plants ourselves.