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Internal turning boring bars DARMET - Technical information


Internal turning boring bars designation guide


Designation Tool type Shank diameter Tool length Clamping system Insert shape Tool style Insert's clearance angle Cutting direction Cutting edge length
Example S 20 Q - M C L N R 12


1. Tool type

wykonanie wew

S - solid steel shank

2. Shank diameter

srednica wew

3. Tool length

Symbol H K M N Q R S T U V
Length [mm] 100 125 150 160 180 200 250 300 350 400

4. Clamping system

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5. Insert shape



6. Tool style

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7. Insert's clearance angle

Symbol N B C P
Clearance angle 11°

8. Cutting direction

kierunki wew en

9. Cutting edge length

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