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Tool Sharpeners


Precision Drill Grinder  (DM-2784)

Properties and application:

    • Features: Easy operation, fast, safe and precise
    • Once hold will finish cutting edge and crossing edge
    • Can to sharp twist drill with two flutes
    • When using super resist-grinding wheel can work without coolant
    • It takes only 15 seconds to sharp 3mm drill and 60 seconds to sharp 19 mm drill

    Technical data:




    Drill size range


    Speed of grinding wheel


    Grinding angle


    voltage / current / frequency

    ?3 - ?21 10 000 118o - 150o 230V / 3,2A / 50Hz



    Cutting Tool Grinder and Sharpener (DM-2772)

    Properties and application:

    • Grinding and sharpening device for cutting tools
    • Device is constructed as an open type, which increases the range of the grinding and working surface
    • This sharpener can grind relief, cutting edge of end mill, reamer, as well as ball end mill and tap guide cutting edge by using special attachment
    • Main parts of the sharpener are made of aluminium
    • It has many advantages such as long service life, light weight and rust resistance
    • The spindle is made with advanced technology of air floating - it rotates flexibly with minimum friction
    • Sharpening accessories are sold separately


    Urządzenie do ostrzenia narzędzi (DM-2772) Urządzenie do ostrzenia narzędzi (DM-2772) darmet dm 2772 03

    Urządzenie do ostrzenia narzędzi (DM-2772) Urządzenie do ostrzenia narzędzi (DM-2772)

    Swivel table 245 mm
    Longitudinal travel of the table (X axis) 150 mm
    Cross travel of table (Y axis) 75 mm
    Grinding wheel max dimensions 125 x 52 x 32 mm
    Tilt angle of the wheelhead adjustment +35° - 5°  
    Air bearing swivel 360°  
    Air bearing stroke 250 mm
    Table infeed graduation 0,02 mm
    Air bearing regulation ≥0,63 MPa
    Connection pipe diameer 1/4" cal
    Collet 5C  
    Concentricity of two tables 0,01 / 100 mm
    Parallelism of the collet to the work table 0,01 / 100 mm
    Rotational speed 2800 obr/min
    Voltage 230 V
    Motor power 0,25 kW
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Weight 99 kg
    Right and left rotation direction Allows sharpening ball end mills thanks to DM 2776 device mounted on sharpener's working table
    Diamond wheel allows grinding carbide tools Thanks to DM 278 device it is possible to sharpen tools with square shank

    Precision Drill Bit Sharpener (DM-2786)

    Properties and application:

    • Presicion drill bit sharpening device
    • Easy to operate, fast, safe and precise
    • It is possible to sharpen chisel edges of the drill bit
    • When using super resistant grinding wheel, the sharpening device can work without coolant
    • Sharpening accessories are sold separately


    Precision Drill Bit Sharpener 2 - 13MM (DM-2786 C13) Precision Drill Bit Sharpener 13 - 26MM (DM-2786 C26)

    ModelDiameter rangeGrinding angle rangeCollet setRotational speed
    Motor power
    DM 2786 C13 Ø2 - 13 118° - 135° ER20 (11 szt.) 500 120 230 10,3
    DM 2786 C26 Ø12 - 26 100° - 140° ER40 (14 szt.) 500 200 230 24,5
    Choosing the diameter of ground drill with a knob Grinding console, through which nose angle of the drill is set Adjustuble width of the chisel with help of regulation screw
    Drill bit is locked inside the chuck with help of ER collets Easy and quick grinding wheel change

    Air Bearing for End Mill Sharpening (DM-2774)

    Properties and application:

    • Air bearing used for sharpening end mills
    • One of the main attachments to DM-2772 sharpener
    • Can be used with other sharpeners with working table
    • Easy to operate


    Air Bearing End Mill Sharpener (DM-2774)

    Air Bearing End Mill Sharpener (DM-2774)
    Maximum travel 250 mm
    Collet type 5C  
    T-slot size 12,7 mm
    Air pressure ≥ 0,63 MPa
    Connection pipe diameter 1/4" inch
    Rotation range 360°  
    Parallelism of the work hole center line to the base surface 0,001 / 100 mm
    Runout of the work hole center line (60 mm from the surface) 0,015 mm

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