Properties and application:

  • Universal cutting tools sharpener used for sharpening end mills, drill bits and turning tool bits
  • Sharpener enables grinding / sharpening cutting tools made of high-speed steel (HSS) and cemented carbide (with the use of diamond gridning wheel)
  • Device allows allows to sharpen both cutting and crossing edge of the drill in one clamping position
  • Sharpener is easy to operate and at the same time very efficient - it is an excellent addition to any metalworking workshop
  • When used with special attachment, it is possible to sharpen drill bits (DM-2770-11), end mills (DM-2770-10) and turning tool bits (DM-2770-12)
  • Additional attachments and other accessories are sold separately


Universal Cutting Tools Sharpener (DM-2770) Universal Cutting Tools Sharpener (DM-2770) Universal Cutting Tools Sharpener (DM-2770)

Grinding wheel diameter 100 mm
Grinding wheel thickness 50 mm
Hole size of the grinding wheel 20 mm
Rotational speed of the spindle 5200 obr/min
Collet type 5C  
Clamping range of the collet 1 - 28 mm
Longitudinal tool holder travel 140 mm
Longitudinal tool holder micro-adjustment 18 mm
Longitudinal spindle micro-adjustment 8 mm
Grinding range of the taper angle 0° - 180°  
Grinding range of the negative angle 0° - 52°  
Max diameter of the sharpened drill bit 11 mm
Motor power 0,25 kW
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
General dimensions (length x width x height) 450 x 350 x 340 mm
Weight 50 kg
Several degrees of freedom allow to freely configure orientation of the adapter Grinding wheel diamond dressing can be mounted in the sharpener Knob for precise regulation of approach of the grinding wheel to the sharpened tool
5C collets are used in DM 2770 cutting tool sharpener Graduation on 5C collet positioning plate has acucracy of 2°