Properties and application:

  • Presicion drill bit sharpening device
  • Easy to operate, fast, safe and precise
  • It is possible to sharpen chisel edges of the drill bit
  • When using super resistant grinding wheel, the sharpening device can work without coolant
  • Sharpening accessories are sold separately


Precision Drill Bit Sharpener 2 - 13MM (DM-2786 C13) Precision Drill Bit Sharpener 13 - 26MM (DM-2786 C26)

ModelDiameter rangeGrinding angle rangeCollet setRotational speed
Motor power
DM 2786 C13 Ø2 - 13 118° - 135° ER20 (11 szt.) 500 120 230 10,3
DM 2786 C26 Ø12 - 26 100° - 140° ER40 (14 szt.) 500 200 230 24,5
Choosing the diameter of ground drill with a knob Grinding console, through which nose angle of the drill is set Adjustuble width of the chisel with help of regulation screw
Drill bit is locked inside the chuck with help of ER collets Easy and quick grinding wheel change