Properties and application:

  • Hook clamps GN 831 are used among others for the secure holding of flaps and container lids
  • The clamps will lock securely over the centre and are thus vibration proof
  • The stroke w1 of the clamping hook can pull the parts to be clamped together by up to 6 mm
  • The range w2 can be adjusted on the M6 threaded spindle at the clamping hook
  • The types S and SV prevent unwanted release of the hook clamp
  • Screws with low head height such as DIN 6912 are used to fix the hook clamps
  • The load specified in the table are simply guide line values for a nominal static pulling force which the lock can withstand
  • Depending on the conditions under which these hook lock clamps are used such as vibration or shock loads, the holding capacity can be adversely affected
  • The catch bracket is included
  • Type A: without safety catch
  • Type S: with safety catch
  • Type SV: for safety catch with padlock
  • No. 1: long Type
  • No. 2: short Type
  • Elesa+Ganter - technical information


GN 831
Version is steel

GN 831-NI
Version is stainless steel


GN 831 - Version is steel

Hook clamps GN 831


  • Zinc plated, blue passivated surface


b1b2b3b4dh1h2h3h4l1 minl2 min
GN 831-100-A-ST-1100025,52226144,218,58,5--6756
GN 831-100-A-ST-2100025,52226144,218,58,5----
GN 831-100-S-ST-1100025,52226144,218,58,521,5-7163
GN 831-100-S-ST-2100025,52226144,218,58,521,5---
GN 831-100-SV-ST-1100025,52226144,218,58,5-25,56756
GN 831-100-SV-ST-2100025,52226144,218,58,5-25,5--
Modell3l4 minl5 minm1m2m3m4rw1 w2 Weight
GN 831-100-A-ST-119,5--14,3748515,51255
GN 831-100-A-ST-219,5315414,3748515,52155
GN 831-100-S-ST-119,5--14,3748515,5858
GN 831-100-S-ST-219,5386114,3748515,5858
GN 831-100-SV-ST-119,5--14,3748515,51255
GN 831-100-SV-ST-219,5385414,3748515,51255


GN 831-NI - Version is stainless steel

Hook clamps GN 831


  • Parts in sheet metal AISI 305
  • Clamping hook / pin AISI 3033


b1b2b3b4dh1h2h3h4l1 minl2 min
GN 831-100-A-NI-1100025,52226144,218,58,5--6756
GN 831-100-A-NI-2100025,52226144,218,58,5----
GN 831-100-S-NI-1100025,52226144,218,58,521,5-7163
GN 831-100-S-NI-2100025,52226144,218,58,521,5---
GN 831-100-SV-NI-1100025,52226144,218,58,5-25,56756
GN 831-100-SV-NI-2100025,52226144,218,58,5-25,5--
Modell3l4 minl5 minm1m2m3m4rw1 w2 Weight
GN 831-100-A-NI-119,5--14,3748515,51254
GN 831-100-A-NI-219,5315414,3748515,52155
GN 831-100-S-NI-119,5--14,3748515,5859
GN 831-100-S-NI-219,5386114,3748515,5850
GN 831-100-SV-NI-119,5--14,3748515,51255
GN 831-100-SV-NI-219,5385414,3748515,51257