Properties and application:


GN 858

Latch clamps with locking mechanism GN 858


  • Forged steel, precision die casting, chemically blackened
  • Steel bearing pins, hardened and ground
  • All moving parts lubricated with special grease

Hand grip:

  • Solid moulded plastic handle sleeve, red, oil resistant


ab1b2b3b4d1d2h1h2l1h2 minm1m2m3m4r≈sw1w2Weight
GN 858-1400-T5 15000 22 115 51,5 66 22 10 8,5 57 38 318 47 21 95 11 44 97,5 5 24 22 1633


Description of function (for one-hand operation):

Press the release button for releasing. ift the clamping arm until the tie-rod disengages from the latch bracket. Retracting the clamping arm will lift the tie-rod and release the latch bracket (one-hand operation).
For clamping operation, lift the clamping arm until it rests on the latch bracket. The clamping arm engages in the latch bracket if the releasing button is pressed for the clamping operation. When clamping in the end position, the system locks automatically by spring force.