Properties and application:

  • Pneumatically operated clamps GN 863 have been constructed in such a way as to make them easily demountable: bearing pins are axially fixed with circlips; this allows the clamping arm to be modified once it is dismantled, to suit any particular application
  • To ensure an extended life of the mechanical parts as well as air cylinder the operating pressure should not exceed 6 bar
  • In addition, a lubro control unit should be fitted in the air line
  • Pneumatically operated clamps GN 863 are also available as version M (magnetic piston)
  • In conjunction with a proximity switch GN 896.3 the piston position is sensed and the generated signal can be used in sequence control systems
  • Type EPV: solid clamping arm
  • Code M: magnetic piston
  • Elesa+Ganter toggle clamps - operating principle


GN 863

Pneumatically operated clamps heavy duty type with magnetic piston GN 863


  • Body made of cast steel, black laquered
  • Other parts made of steel (St 60), zinc plated, blue passivated
  • Bearing pins are case hardened
  • Double acting cylinder with adjustable cushioning
  • Max. operating pressure 6 bar
  • All moving parts lubricated with special grease


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