Skydda forms part of the B&B Tools group, which provides the industrial and building sectors in Northern Europe with tools, consumables and components. Skydda is one of the leading suppliers of solutions and equipment for personal protection in Northern Europe. Our mission is to make our customers' everyday lives EASIER, SAFER and more PROFITABLE by developing and selling the right solutions in personal protective equipment. Skydda is available at your local industrial and building store.

The history of Skydda dates back to 1976, when it formed part of Järnia AB. The concept was developed over time and today is the leading concept within personal protective equipment in the Nordic countries. In 1997, Skydda was established as an independent company, and since then, has increased its turnover from MSEK 280 to today's MSEK 1,200. The Skydda concept is currently represented in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Estonia. Parts of the product range are sold in approximately 20 more countries.