Company PRO Sp. z o.o. from Bielsko - Biała, the biggest producer of measuring tools for building industry in Poland, has been on the market for 25 years. As a leading manufacturer of spirit levels, PRO constantly enriches and diversifies its offer, using cutting-edge technologies and patented solutions. “Your needs - our solutions” - one sentence that drives our company.

Currently PRO offers wide range of tools essential for construction industry professionals, from folding rules to technologically advanced laser tools. Company takes care of design all the time. Our efforts resulted in receiving Design Management Europe Award in 2014 and two iF design awards in 2016 for: X-LINER 4.1 (multi-line laser) and MILESTONE (3m, 5m, 8m tape measure series).

PRO has been using an Integrated Management System – PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001, PN-N-18001 since 2003. All PRO spirit levels are tested for vertical and horizontal profile bending , compression and torsion. Vials with Easy Reading System Plus are double UV- resistant (plexiglass and filling liquid contain UV Light Stabilizers). Line lasers are built on the best components. IP-54 and shock-proof features are available. These research and development studies enable to offer products of the highest quality only. The use of the best components for manufacturing of protractors and modern digital techniques of their calibration guarantee premium quality of products by PRO and long-term faultless operation. Permanent, red color of the bubble level, typical of PRO, is obtained in the process of powder painting and thermal fixation by means of infrared radiation. A coating obtained in this way is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damages.

The offer of PRO includes also bubble levels manufactured on the basis of an anodized profile, characterized by high hardness of surface.