Master Climate Solutions is a world leading manufacturer of machinery for air processing. Our machines are designed for professionals and our aim is to help them adjust their working environment to their needs in the quickest and simplest possible way whilst retaining low investments costs.

MCS Central Europe is both a manufacturing facility and a logistic hub located in Gądki, near Poznań, Poland. Here is an assembly line for electric heaters of high standards, excellent in performance and reliability. Another assembly line produces universal oil heaters – a good solution for ecology, burning in the cleanest way bio diesel or exhaust oils. Also the big indirect BV heaters are assembled in islands of production.

MCS Central Europe is also the main warehouse of spare parts in Europe. These are promptly dispatched worldwide in order to assist at the best the requests of the after sale service points spread all over the continent. Thanks to the good geographical location, MCS Central Europe has been chosen for positioning a big warehouse of finished products, serving as logistic hub for North and East Europe.