Limit supplies European market with a broad and qualified assortment for measuring products. The products have been constantly developed according to new production methods and new technology. Today, Limit is represented in more than 25 countries. This is because we are convinced that a cultural change is underway, in favour of the operator who will accept even greater responsibility for everything he or she does.

New technology enables measurement that is faster, simpler and more frequent, which in turn increases the need for easily operated measurement instruments. Experience from more than 90 years of supplying measuring tools to the Swedish industry has created the trademark Limit. During that time we have learnt what our customers require and appreciate. This is achieved by developing a relevant and attractive offer across the measurement technology sector, with a focus on user needs.

This initiative means that Limit is the only brand on the market that supplies products within all segments of measurement technology:

  • Workshop measurement
  • Electrical/electronic testing
  • Climate and environment
  • Laser
  • Scales
  • Inspection