We are one of the largest Polish manufacturers of tools used in specialized treatment processes of materials like wood, metal, AL., PVC, concrete, etc. Today, besides supplying highly specialized woodworking tools, metalworking tools, or tools for the building industry, we also offer comprehensive advisory services provided by a professional team of technical advisers.

Our mission is to fulfill client needs by supplying tools of the highest quality, which are easily available and reliable. This is achieved through our dedication and professional approach to the production process of Global brand tools.

Our goal is to constantly develop our company, which we are doing thanks to investments in new production technologies and the ongoing perfection of our technical sales team’s skills, in order to meet the growing expectations of our clients. In our work, we take advantage of our long-standing industrial-construction and research experience as well as the high qualifications and dedication of our employees. In our operations to date, we have been constantly perfecting our production technology by introducing modern machine tools and digitally controlled centres as well as laser cutting technology. The high quality of production is guaranteed by production departments possessing modern machine parks, operated by employees with the highest qualifications.

The assortment of manufactured products is very wide and diverse. A significant part of the assortment consists of tools created individually for clients. Taking into consideration such a wide range of tools, our products can be divided according to the following characteristics:

  1. Tools for working with wood and wood-based materials – circular saw blades with HM plates, regular circular saw blades, band-saw blades and pit saw blades, planer knifes, shank cutters and formed cutters, cutterheads, solid carbide shank cutters, drill bits with HM plates, DIA polycrystalline diamond tools
  2. Tools for working with metal – side milling cutters, cut off saw blades, saw blades with HM plates for cutting structural sections, saw blades with HM plates for cutting AL. and PVC, segmental saw blades, machine blades and hacksaw blades, abrasive saw blades, band-saw blades
  3. Tools for the building industry – saw blades with HM plates for power tools, diamond circular saw blades for wet cutting, diamond circular saw blades for power tools, chainsaw disk blades, drill bits, chisels, including point chisels and gouge chisels, handsaw blades for cellular concrete cutting, panel and tenon saw blades, tools for cutting stone wool
  4. Tools for special tasks - paper knifes, circular saw blades and knifes for the meat industry, knives for the tobacco industry and the textile industry, carbide saw blades for cutting acrylic and many other tools

In addition to manufacturing the above products, we also provide the following services:

  • tool grinding and repair
  • laser cutting – material thickness up to 20 mm
  • machine cutting