FAST-SERVICE was established at the beginning of 1991. As the manufacturer of professional workshop furniture, we carry out the whole product development process; starting from preparation of new technology by qualified specialists- constructors, through production to distribution. We offer our Customers a broad selection of furniture - tool cabinets, tool and diagnostic carts, workshop tables, display cases lockable with aluminum roller blind, tool racks, computer cabinet sets, OHS cabinets, file cabinets, bodywork of servicing vehicles and many others.

FAST-SERVICE, managed by qualified personnel, offers also complex service in the field of consulting and customized spatial 3D designs. While working on designs, we use advanced software co-funded by the European Union under the Regional Operational Program of Podlaskie Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013. Within the same project we offer services with regard to bending sheets using Bending Brake AMADA HFT 80-25L with higher bending leap to 350 mm, bending length of 2500 mm, and welding of sheets using Induction Welding Machine ASPA ZPN 40.

Thanks to long-term practice and experience, as well as continuous improvement in production process, our workshop furniture is characterized by high quality, reliability and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to all these advantages, our Customers regard us as solid and reliable partner, to whom we would like to extend our warm thanks. Thanks to your valuable comments and opinions, not only may our designers and constructors improve existing products but also create new, more and more perfect. We make every effort so that the products under the "FAST-SERVICE" mark would be always associated with high quality and comfortable work conditions.