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eagle 03


Turning range Maximum turning diameter 280 mm
Maximum turning legth 508 mm
Lathe bed Maximum longitudinal shift (Z axis) 520 mm
Engine power of Z axis 1,4 kW (1,8 HP)
Quick feed of Z axis speed 30 m/min
Maximum feed of X axis 176 mm
Engine power of X axis 1,4 kW (1,8 HP)
Quick feed of X axis speed 30 m/min
Spindle Opening of the main spindle / Band ?62 mm / ?52 mm
Spindle taper ASA A2-6
Internal taper angle (convergence) 1/20
Spindle motor FANUC 7,5/11 kW (10/15 HP)
Spindle revolutions 4500 obr/min
Tool storage Type Hydraulically clamped
Maximum number of tools  10
Boring tools diameter / Number of sockets ?32 mm / 5
Turning toolholders size / Number of sockets 20 mm x 20 mm / 5
Support tailstock Sleeve diameter ?75
Tailstock sleeve shift 425 mm
Tailstock sleeve, type Fixed
Tailstock sleeve taper MK4
Tailstock sleeve shift 100 mm
Dimensions Dimensions from bed's base to spindle axis 900 mm
Distanse between the bed and spindle axis 290 mm
Occupied space (L x H) 3429 mm x 2569 mm
Net weight / Total gross weight 3200 kg / 3400 kg

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