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AMEC's products


AMEC's products, expertise and know-how extend to cover almost every manufacturing, engineering and production environment across the globe. Our continued innovation, outstanding products and sheer depth of experience in a wide range of business and industry sectors mean that we can provide an excellent solution to your production, machining and manufacturing needs.

From the precision demands of aerospace and defence through the heavy duty needs of civil and construction engineering, to the high volume continuous production requirements of the automotive industry and all points in between, AMEC® is already meeting and exceeding expectations.

Our success is not just about the quality of our products and the high performance results they deliver, it is also about the level of support and expertise we provide to all our customers. In addition to our own highly skilled and fully trained technical sales engineers, we also have an extensive high quality distribution network which provides a full range of technical information and support services to countless manufacturing businesses throughout Europe.


INDISEN Measuring Tools

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Get acquainted with our new range of measuring instruments by INDISEN. The offer includes high-quality tools for various measurements - calipers, indicators, micrometers and many more. INDISEN measuring tools are available in both electronic and vernier versions. Enjoy!

1113-1500 5122-0120 2322-5075


Morse taper talk

Today's episode star is Morse taper. Who invented it, what does MK or MT stand for, what are taper sizes and where it is used - learn all this and more from the following film. Enjoy!


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